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The Hudson Independent

As an award-winning publication, The Hudson Independent is the most respected, and trusted local periodical serving residents of the several villages it reaches, Irvington, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Scarborough-on-Hudson, and Ardsley-on-Hudson. The newspaper began thirteen years ago with a unique partnership of civic-minded community residents, some 65 in number, including veteran journalists, who invested in its newly formed parent, The Hudson Valley News Corporation, in order to bring an independent, balanced source of information to local readers.

The monthly reaches nearly 14,000 households and businesses with a free, saturated, mailing in its communities, and is read by more than an estimated 20,000 residents. It is also available at some 50 drop-off locations. Collectively, among its staff and volunteers, more than one-hundred years of journalism experience is represented, from national and local publications, and broadcast networks.

A member of the New York Press Association, The Hudson Independent has garnered an award from that organization for its reporting as well as tributes from local, community organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Family YMCA, among them. The newspaper's Editorial Board meets monthly to review its past issue and discuss coverage of community events, breaking news and upcoming stories. More recently, the paper has enhanced its website, begun a monthly TV talk show and started a series of public forums on important issues in order to increase its engagement with local residents. The newspaper maintains an active relationship with community groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and The Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns.

If the paper's opinions are expressed on issues, they are clearly labeled as "Editorials" or "Commentary," and not as news articles. Along with its impartial reporting, it offers readers a summary of local events through the month in its "What's Happening" column.

Since its establishment, The Hudson Independent has won the respect of numerous advertisers who understand that the company they keep on the paper's pages and website, with the readership it attracts, is an effective means of getting their message out to the public. And based on the feedback it has received, the paper's devoted readers agree.


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