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Muddy Waters

We opened Muddy Water Coffee & Café October 2015 with the intention of creating a vibrant and relaxed environment offering high end sweet and savory food and delicious, organic coffee drinks. We never imagined how Muddy Water would so quickly become a gathering place for those in the Tarrytown community, as well as a destination spot for others, let alone win Best of Westchester 2017 for best new coffeehouse. The secret to our success lies in the quality of the food and beverages we serve, our gluten free and vegan options, and the inclusive and warm feeling when you walk in. Having a sunny back garden is also a real plus. We are a coffeehouse, not just for a cup of coffee and croissant, but also for a light lunch or dinner offering a variety of quiche, soup, focaccia, sandwiches, etc. One item that we serve, that everyone should try at least once, is a gluten free sweet called a Lamington. It is an Australian dessert created with a moist sponge cake covered in a layer of chocolate and rolled in coconut with a bit of raspberry jam hidden in the middle. Muddy Water Coffee & Café is a must-visit destination in Tarrytown. Great music, free wi-fi, local art rotating monthly on the walls, a comfy sofa and arm chair, warm staff, and of course, great food and delicious coffee


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